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GRI and Global Compact Index
– Economic

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Management Approach &
Performance Indicators


Page number in annual report

Fulfilment & Comments

Global Compact Principles


In 2008, BASF did not register any business relevant public benefits. Public institutions do not hold significant shares in BASF. BASF is involved in research projects that also receive public funding (see link).


BASF has no specific guideline for local purchasing, as BASF requires thousands of different raw materials that have to be purchased globally depending on raw material deposits. For technical equipment and packaging as well as services, BASF purchases mainly from local suppliers or service providers, given that this is economically advantageous.


At numerous sites, BASF is involved in activities in the fields of education and training for young people. The Training Verbund at the Ludwigshafen site as well as initiatives for the advancement of young unemployed people are just two examples of these activities. BASF is a global company and therefore we aim to increase the internationality of our senior executives in general. We will recruit even more consistently from other sites and countries (Diversity goal and the global Diversity & Inclusion project launched in 2008).


For example, activities in the area of climate protection including investments for the energy efficient renovation of a local district close to the Ludwigshafen site (for example, zero-liter houses).






Disclosure on Management Approach

About this Report

1, 15, 16-17, 28-32, 33, 118

completely covered



Our strategy




Our Goals





Sustainability Management





Value added Statement





Risk Report









Aspect: Business Performance





EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed, including revenues, operating costs, employee compensation, donations and other community investments, retained earnings, and payments to capital providers and governments.

Value added Statement

33, 39-42, 48-49, 93-94, 97-98

completely covered


Results of the BASF Group



Results of Operations by Segments







Share Programs and Social Benefits




Social Commitment




EC2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organization's activities due to climate change.

Research and Development

35, 99, 117, 122

completely covered

7, 8, 9

Climate Protection








Regulatory and Political Risks




Group Outlook




EC3 Coverage of the organization's defined benefit plan obligations.

Share Programs and Social Benefits


completely covered


EC4 Significant financial assistance received from government.

Value added Statement


 completely covered1


> Website









Aspect: Market Presence





EC5 Range of ratios of standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage at significant locations of operation.

Global Labor and Social Standards


completely covered

1, 6

EC6 Policy, practices, and proportion of spending on locally-based suppliers at significant locations of operation.



 partially covered2


EC7 Procedures for local hiring and proportion of senior management hired from the local community at significant locations of operation.


13, 90, 91, 93

 completely covered3


Global Labor and Social Standards




Diversity as a competitive Advantage




Employees and Society









Aspect: Indirect Economic Impacts





EC8 Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services provided primarily for public benefit through commercial, in-kind, or pro bono engagement.

Value added Statement

97, 98

 completely covered4


Social Commitment








EC9 Understanding and describing significant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impacts.

Value added Statement

33, 98

completely covered


Social Commitment








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