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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Health protection


2020 GOAL

Reduce occupational diseases
We have set ourselves the goal of reducing cases of occupational diseases within the BASF Group by 80% based on the criteria and rate for 2004: 0.4 occupational diseases per million hours worked.

The ability of our employees to perform, their job satisfaction and their creativity are fundamental to our economic success. The BASF global health program aims to protect their health – benefiting both employees and the company.

A worldwide network of experts for occupational medicine and health protection work together to implement our program. They also help to ensure that our products and their production do not pose a health risk to employees, neighbors, customers or consumers.

Examples of occupational diseases include noise-induced hearing damage, skin and respiratory diseases caused by chemicals, and musculoskeletal disorders. In 2008, there were 0.31 occupational diseases per million working hours within BASF. This corresponds to a 23% reduction compared with the baseline figure for 2004. In order to achieve our health goal, we rely on medical surveillance and regular targeted hazard assessments, for example, occupational medical plant inspections and audits. Our preventive health interventions are derived from these assessments. For us, prevention is always the priority.

Worldwide investment in health

Standards for our medical performance for employees are laid down in our global Occupational Medicine and Health Protection Program. We ensure that prevention and health promotion at all BASF sites worldwide meet the same high standards. Our 15 expert teams cover all areas of occupational medicine. Regular medical audits help us to improve our services. Our internal auditing system corresponds to the standards of the commonly used external auditing procedures
ISO 19011
and OHSAS 18001.

Our expertise in occupational medicine and health protection is available to employees, neighbors and customers. BASF’s commitment to this field is also recognized outside the company. The European Commission and the German Association of Corporate Health Insurance Companies (BKK Bundesverband) awarded us with the “German Corporate Health Achievement Award” (Deutscher Unternehmenspreis Gesundheit) for our ‘excellent, comprehensive and holistic health management.’

Commitment to our employees

Our checkup and prevention modules contribute to the reduction of health risks and to promote the long-term health of our employees. Our health campaigns make an important contribution: Through our second global health campaign “Steps to Health 2009,” we aim to increase our employees’ awareness of the benefits of daily physical exercise and encourage them to be more active. During the campaign, a pedometer will become their constant companion. Every site can support the participants with additional offers. The pedometer readings of all participants will be entered regularly into a global database, thereby making individual or team progress immediately visible. Relevant to the principles of the U.N. Global Compact
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For the first time, we launched a health campaign globally: During our non-smoking campaign in 2008, 1,578 employees at 126 different BASF sites voluntarily gave up smoking for four weeks; this corresponds to 870,000 cigarettes. At many sites, permanent follow-up services such as stop smoking courses were introduced along with the campaign. Three years after the 2003 non-smoking campaign in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which was based on the same concept, 40% of the participants had stopped smoking permanently.

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