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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Occupational safety


2020 GOAL

Reduce lost time injuries
We want to reduce our lost time injury rate per million working hours by 80% worldwide compared with the baseline of 2002.

The safety and health of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. We have made significant achievements as a result of our high safety standards and comprehensive regulations. Worldwide, the lost time injury rate has stabilized at a low level. We aim to become even better in the future, thus contributing to BASF’s long-term business success.

In 2008, we started a worldwide safety initiative that builds upon the success of safety programs in previous years. We aim to make safety a visible value and success factor. Our goal is to improve our safety culture Group-wide, above and beyond the traditional technical safety measures and rules, and to develop a strong collective commitment to safe behavior.

Minimizing risks

Occupational safety plays a fundamental role in our daily routine through, for example, regular safety briefings in our production facilities and the activities of the safety experts who are appointed for every site. Systematic risk assessments of workflow processes and individual activities minimize risks and sensitize employees to possible sources of danger.

We have been promoting safety awareness among our employees over a long period, by means of safety regulations, seminars and training courses. We analyze accidents and near-accidents to pinpoint and eliminate potential weaknesses. We are further developing our safety management with our worldwide network of experts.

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of reducing the lost time injury rate by 80% by 2020, compared with 2002. In 2008, the lost time injury rate in the BASF Group was 1.8 accidents per million working hours (2007: 2.2).

To date, we have reduced the lost time injury rate per million working hours by 45% compared with 2002. Among employees of partner companies working at BASF sites, the lost time injury rate declined to 3.4 accidents per million working hours (2007: 3.6). We continue to include these companies in our safety activities.

New paths to safety excellence

With our new safety initiative, we go beyond traditional safety methods. Our success factors for occupational health and safety not only include the acceptance of rules and regulations and the personal responsibility of each individual, but it is also important that our managers lead the way by acting as role models and that our employees are actively committed. We also pursue open dialogue in order to benefit from experiences and learn from our mistakes. To achieve this, we launched the worldwide initiative “Safety Champions” in 2008. In Asia, it is implemented by the “C.A.R.E.-Initiative,” in South America through “Cultura De Segurança,” and in North America by “Journey to EHS Excellence.” Several thousand managers, experts, employees and partner companies developed ideas for improvement in major regional events, discussion forums, and surveys.

Lost time injury rate
per million working hours (reduction compared with baseline 2002: –45%)

Lost time injury rate per million working hours (bar chart)


  • Role model function of managers
  • Personal responsibility, clear rules and guidelines
  • Open dialogue to mutually benefit from experiences
  • Active commitment from every single employee

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