Last Update: 03/12/2009
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Social commitment

BASF Group donations, sponsoring and own projects in 2008 €64.7 million (2007: €75.3 million).

BASF Group donations, sponsoring and own projects in 2008 (pie chart)

For BASF, taking on social responsibility means investing in the future. Knowledge is our most important future resource and the driving force behind innovation and growth around the world. We therefore focus our commitment on education, and support in particular, projects that make education accessible in the communities close to our sites worldwide.

Our economic success depends on trust and social acceptance from our neigbors. We are therefore committed to promoting education in the communities and regions where our sites are located, as well as supporting initiatives and projects in sports, culture and society. An important selection criterion for projects is their long-term value. A framework directive for the BASF Group regulates the allocation of funds for donations and sponsoring.

As a matter of principle, BASF does not support political parties. This applies worldwide. However, our employees in the United States have made use of their right to establish a Political Action Committee (PAC). The BASF Corporation PAC is a non-partisan, federally registered group of employees which supports candidates for political posts at federal, state and local levels. In 2008, the BASF Group spent a total of €64.7 million (2007: €75.3 million) on promoting projects. Of the total amount, 38.6% was donated.


  • Education is the focus of our commitment
  • We primarily sponsor activities in the communities and regions close to our sites
  • We create value for society with our donations and sponsorship
  • We promote projects with sustainable benefits

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