Last Update: 03/12/2009
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Product stewardship

We make sure that our products are safe and pose no danger to people or the environment when they are used responsibly and in the manner intended. The basis for this are risk assessments and safety information for all products which we update continuously. Via our global database, we can provide information on all our products worldwide at any time.

Global product stewardship

BASF offers a wide range of products, which are used in all industry sectors. We strive for an equal standard of product safety and product stewardship worldwide – a standard which exceeds mere compliance with legal requirements. Up-to-date safety data sheets on our sales products are available in 34 languages. Via a global network of emergency telephone numbers we provide information on BASF products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If desired, we also offer our customers customized training courses and workshops on the safe use of our products.


Product stewardship is more than just a question of safety: It is an important part of our risk management. Our new global directive includes our voluntary commitment to product stewardship, together with worldwide goals. The directive stipulates that we evaluate the safety of our products throughout the entire value chain. It applies to all our operative decision makers worldwide who are responsible for its implementation. The network of product safety and product stewardship experts supports them in this task.
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