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Earning trust


is one of over 80 BASF compliance officers worldwide.

Trust is not something you can see*

* We believe that good corporate governance fosters trust among employees, investors, financial markets, business partners and the public. 

Within this report
 Corporate governance

Theresa Egler, one of over 80 BASF Compliance officers worldwide. (photo)


Long-term support

Earning Trust Trust in our company can be made visible: through motivated employees, who also want to profit from being long-term investors. Or through investors, who build on our sustainable strategy. The aim of our Compliance Program is to prevent legal violations through training and education and thereby avoid them. At the same time, we assess whether our guidelines and voluntary commitments are being implemented. This is just one element of the corporate governance system. Good corporate governance secures the long-term acceptance and support for our corporate conduct.

Supporting employees: Theresa Egler, Jonathan Harper, David Stryker und Elizabeth Rodriguez (f.r.t.l.). (photo)

Leading the Compliance Program in North America are Elisabeth Rodriguez, David Stryker (Regional Compliance Officer), Jonathan Harper and Theresa Egler (from left to right).


Transparent companies

Securing the interests of investors Investors only invest in companies whose business models and management they trust. Transparent corporate management and control simplify the international comparison of company structures and prevent unwanted developments. Thus, responsible corporate governance protects the interests of investors and strengthens the credibility of companies.

BASF shareholders at the Annual Meeting in 2008. (photo)

BASF shareholders at the Annual Meeting in 2008.

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