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In order to ensure optimal access and usage of this site, the explanations given below shall introduce you to the various service features available. To facilitate orientation we have grouped the information according to major categories:

  • Navigation” provides information on how to access different content areas of the Annual Report,
  • Service” introduces service features that are offered beyond mere content,
  • Page-specific features” offers information on features which are offered depending on the content of the respective page and are therefore not permanently available.


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Audited Information Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis
The term “Audited Information” only applies to those sections in the Annual Report which have been certified by the auditor. You can recognize the audited sections by the icon above the presently displayed information.

Order Center 
At "Order Center" you may order a print version of the Report to be sent to you by mail. To order, please fill in the areas indicated by arrows.

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Navigating the online Report
The navigational tree on the left is the main point of access to the contents of the Report. At the top level of the tree are the most important general subjects. More specific subjects are linked to them in a reader-friendly fashion following the same order as the print version of the report, just move from the top level down to up to four sub-levels. Further navigation options available are:

  • Full-text search engine displaying search results in the navigational tree
  • Links in text passages and HTML tables
  • Links referring to related information at the service panel on the right

Navigation by topics enables rapid access to the relevant topics of the Report and to essential statements concerning them. This way you can custom-make a Report according to your needs. The content of the topic items is identical with the print version; just the order is especially edited to suit an individual subject selection.

Full-Text Search
This feature enables you to search the whole report for words or phrases. Each hit is highlighted in the navigational tree. The text referring to the first search result will be displayed immediately and each hit is highlighted in the text of the relevant page thus making a quick locating possible. You can browse the search results consecutively by pressing the navigational buttons at the top of each of the pages shown. All the search result links remain intact when navigating through them. After viewing the search results in the original document, you may return to subject navigation by clicking on any of the entries on the navigational tree which are not highlighted.

Use of search operators
Using a compound search term by means of logical operators allows a complex search. The following operators can be used:
“and” – Entering of two or more search items separated only by blank space allows search of pages containing all of the sought items.
“or” – Entering the “|” operator allows the search for documents containing one or several of the search items.
“not” – By entering the “-” operator (minus) a certain item can be excluded from the search.

Consecutive browsing
Another possibility to read the Annual Report is to browse in succession through its pages by starting from any page. This is facilitated by the buttons previous page    next page on the top right-hand side of any of the Report’s pages which are pointing to the browsing direction.

Top to top
Use this button to reach top of the page again.

The sitemap lists all pages and sub-pages that are available in the online Annual Report, displayed according to the site structure.


Download Manager
"Download Manager" provides you with all pdf and xls files collected for download, in each case showing number of pages and file size. These documents can be downloaded directly or selected and added to your personal file library. Your individual selection at your file library may be launched as a .zip-file for collective download.

PDF Manager
Use the tool "PDF Manager" to create your individual PDF of the Report. Select from the presented list those parts of the Report that you are interested in. Selecting Create PDF will compile your selection to a single PDF-file.

Chart Generator
This feature offers a selection of the preceding ten years' essential key financial indicators. By clicking on the key financial indicators and years you would like to compare, you may obtain your own individual tables. You can have them displayed in tables, line or bar charts.

Page-specific Features

 Print Manager
Click here to print the content of the relevant page; or collect them for collective printing. The print preview is displayed in a new browser window. As an option, you may choose to print without - toner-saving - images.

 Recommend this page
Click here to e-mail this page’s URL; the necessary form will open in a new window.

Download XLS Excel Download
The tables on the page may be viewed in xls format in a new window.

 Compare to last year
Click here to view the relevant passage in last year’s Annual Report; it will be displayed in a new window.

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