Last Update: 03/12/2009
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Employees and Society

74 %

Senior Executives with International Experience

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Employees and Society







Status at year-end 2008


Occupational safety (baseline 2002)

2020 goals




Reduction in lost time injuries
per million working hours


Goal achievement reduction in lost time injuries (bar)


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Health protection (baseline 2004)





Reduction in cases of occupational diseases


Goal achievement reduction in cases of occupational diseases (bar)


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Senior executives

Long-term goals



International proportion of
senior executives

Increase in the proportion of non-German senior executives (baseline 2003: 30%)


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Women in senior executive positions

Increase in the proportion of female senior executives (baseline 2003: 5.2%)


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Senior executives with
international experience

Proportion of senior executives with international experience over 70%


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Leadership feedback

2008 goal



Mandatory leadership feedback for senior executives worldwide

80% of senior executives have taken part in the standardized leadership feedback process


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Employee survey

2009 goal



Global employee survey

Implement a global employee survey
for the BASF Group

Data collected, subsequent process initiated

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